The signs of fatigue "dark circles and puffiness" and aging "fine lines and wrinkles" appear first in this vulnerable area.  Help fight these signs with this eye reviving treatment that may be added to any of our services or experienced as a treatment on its own.

What is an eye treatment?

You can choose from a range of different non-surgical eye treatments, all aimed at making you look even younger and more beautiful. A variety of procedures help to firm the skin, brighten your eyes.

What is an eye treatment good for?

At some point in our lives, most of us have used cheap and poorly-sliced cucumber, expensive creams or moistened fabrics on our eyes to try to make us look a little less ragged... with varying degrees of success. Why not lie back and let a professional do it better? Rich, gorgeous-smelling creams and oils are soothed into your skin, reducing puffiness and the appearance of fine lines around your eyes. Let someone else be in charge of whether you fall asleep in an eye mask! Refreshing eye-baths will brighten, soothe and refresh tired, red eyes.

Some gentle massage is usually a part of treatment, the circular motions used to exfoliate the skin. Acupressure massage around the eye socket and forehead can relieve tension in eyes that have been strained by staring at computer screens or too many late nights, and reduce headaches. 

Before you go

This depends a bit on what eye treatment you are going to have. It is a good idea to take off all your eye make-up beforehand, and possibly even to wash your face to prevent any molten foundation dripping into your eye at a tricky moment. You should take. Glasses and contact lenses are best left off and out while you're having an eye treatment.

What to expect from an eye treatment?

Eye masks, massage or creams are liable to feel soothing and you will sit or lie down on a massage table to receive them. Light massage and acupressure techniques will relieve eye-strain, and help you to relax. An eye treatment can last between a few minutes and an hour, depending on the treatment you're having.


You may be wise to leave them "naked" for a while depending on what's been done. We will give you appropriate advice on taking care of your eyes afterward.

Type of eye treatments we offer

De-Stress Eye Treatment 

A targeted treatment to hydrate, firm and reduce wrinkles around the delicate eye area and a wonderful enhancement to most of our service.

Bright Eyes treatment 

For eyes that need an extra twinkle. A very relaxing treatment to drain away dark circles and reduce puffiness. We nourish the skin around your eyes re-hydrate and then apply a soothing mask. when you need to sparkle your eyes

Eye couture treatment 

The signs of fatigue (dark circles and puffiness) and aging (fine lines and wrinkles) appear first in this vulnerable area.  Help fight these signs with this eye reviving treatment.

Eye perfection 

Refreshing aqua gel pads plump up wrinkles, firm, tone and smooth the skin.  Visibly relaxes and rejuvenating the stressed eye area.   Contain an innovative active complex which effectively works to reduce puffiness, dark circles and wrinkles around the eye contour area with amazing results. Wrinkle-reducing peptides and hyaluronic acid also give the eye area a fresh and youthful appearance with great results.

Collagen eye treatments 

This treatment deeply hydrates and tightens the skin around the eyes, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles.