What are firming treatments?

Sagging skin is a normal part of the aging process. As you get older, your body produces fewer of the chemicals, fats and oils that help to keep your skin firm Over time, gravity also takes its toll on the body. The downward force of gravity creates a drag on the skin that contributes to it sagging. These are two unavoidable factors you can't change.
But you do have a certain amount of control. Always use sunblock, and apply it generously to your face and neck. Continued exposure to the sun ages your skin. It also causes your skin to lose firmness by breaking down the chemicals it needs to maintain its elasticity.
How do skin firming products work?
One will tighten surface of the epidermis, while another may plump up the top layers of skin, making it appear much smoother. It is important to find the best skin firming lotion to match your own particular needs and skin type.

When to Consider skin firming treatments

• If you have mild to moderate loose skin on your face, neck, arms or abdomen
• If you have residual skin laxity after an operative procedure
• If you would like an improvement in the quality of your skin
• If you are unable (or unwilling) to undergo a more invasive, surgical procedure to correct skin laxity

Firming treatments for

• Wrinkles
• Cellulite
• Fatty deposits
• Sagging skin
• Sagging breasts

Treatments available

• Luxury Caviar; global anti aging
• Carbon therapy; elasticity , wrinkle reduction
• Blue mask; shock lifting effect
• Matricol restore; absolute lifting
• Soysoy gommy; firming replenishing anti gravity
• Coffee slim; reducing, lipolytic, anti cellulite
• Algae cell shock; anticellulite, redness the orange peel looks, slimming
• Pepper treatment; reducing reshaping anti cellulite
• Carnitine: reducing toning recompacting
• Krioplast; flat belly treatment
• Golf infusion supreme; the exclusive reshaping treatment for a sculpted, toned and perfect silhouette
• Blue mask; push up shocking effect
• Vitaminic mask; illuminating invigorating, oxygenating.
• Soy soy jaluractive; oxgynating anti oxidising, replenishing
• DNA veil; concealing for first wrinkles, invigorating, repairing
• Lift intense; smoothing, lifting, moisturising
• Luminous lift; total luminosity 3D lifting effect system