Do Non-Surgical Facelifts work?

Non-surgical facelift is a non-invasive treatment intended to freshen and rejuvenate the face without surgery. The face is the most visible part of a person and is thus what creates a huge part of any first impression. Over time, the skin loses elasticity and freshness as a result of age, exposure to the environmental elements, gravity, and lifestyle factors. Unlike in other areas of the body, your facial skin is attached directly to the muscles. With age, these muscles begin to tire and droop making your skin sag and wrinkle.

With a non-surgical facelift procedure, newer non-invasive technologies, like laser or ultrasonic waves can be used instead of the traditional surgical method for regaining skin tightness.

Non-Surgical Face lift Targets Several Areas

With the help of a non-invasive facelift, you can improve the appearance of your face, and specific concerns that may be affecting you. These may include draping skin on the neck and chin. Neckbands, also known as turkey neck, are caused due to the prominence of the platysma muscles, accumulation of the fat and saggy skin on the neck.

Which Non-Surgical Facelift Option is Right for you?

Since non-surgical facelifts come in so many different forms, it is advisable to understand which treatment will suit your skin best, and select the right one under proper supervision. with an intensive understanding of the facial muscles and skin anatomy and physiology, we can guide you effectively to understand these treatments.

How Does Non-Surgical Facelift Technology Work?

Collagen is a natural protein that keeps your skin firm, toned and elastic, giving the skin its youthful qualities. non-surgical facelift tightens the existing collagen and stimulates fresh collagen production, leaving your skin smoother and younger looking. Using special electric current, which help tighten muscles of the face. Its like taking your face to the gym  

Benefits of a Non-Surgical Facelift

  • The outcomes will be natural looking.
  • It can enhance the appearance of sunken cheeks by adding the lost volume.
  • It can improve the contours of the cheek bones.
  • It can add definition to the mid and lower face.
  • It can lift the overall facial structure.
  • It can improve the definition of jawline and jowl area.
  • It can eliminate lines and wrinkles from the face.
  • It can help in skin rejuvenation.
  • It does not require a long downtime and a painful recovery process.
    You will be good enough to go to work right after the treatment is completed.